Electrical Services

Quality Electric of the Coastal Carolinas, Inc. provides electrical services including on-demand and preventive maintenance, installation and energy management systems.

Electrical system inspection and maintenance

Electrical system maintenance is crucial to avoiding costly on-demand service in the future. If you’ve just purchased a new facility, we recommend having a professional electrical system inspection to ensure the system is functioning properly and also that it will effectively meet your needs.

Installation of UPS/generator systems

As a commercial building owner, it is vital that you have a reliable, stable supply of electricity. We can help by professionally installing an uninterruptable power supply (UPS). We’ll ensure the supporting switchgear is in place and we’re also available for ongoing maintenance (you can’t just install it and forget it).

Code corrections

Electrical code is constantly evolving and it is essential that your commercial facility is up-to-date, not just to comply with the law, but also to keep the building’s occupants save. We can check your facility and ensure everything is how it should be.